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Things Remembered Coupon Stats
Things Remembered Coupons and Deals have been used 37 times in the last 24 hours with average savings of 15.6% or $10.56. Most popular brands bought using Things Remembered coupons are Things Remembered, Zippo, Avenue, Park Seed, Ariat, and NFL. Things Remembered offers a wide selection of personalized gifts to commemorate all of life's special moments. They personalize gifts for weddings, birthdays, corporate awards, employee recognition and much more. Show more

Things Remembered Coupon Codes

Times Used Last Used Expires Coupon Code
$10.00 off + Free Shipping on Purchases Over $50+ when using a Code 11/30/2016

Things Remembered Useful Info

How to use Things Remembered Coupons
Things Remembered issues coupon codes for savings like 'dollar off' or 'percentage off'. To redeem a Things Remembered promo code, copy the codes published on this page and enter it into the Coupon Code form field on the checkout page. Click "Apply to Order" button.

Shipping costs at Things Remembered
Things Remembered offers free standard shipping on orders over $100. For anything less, they have a tiered cost structure.

Other Ways to Save at Things Remembered
Things Remembered frequently sends out shopping incentives to those who sign up for e-mail. Things Remembered offers a Rewards Club, where you will receive $10 for every $100 you spend, $10 off for your birthday, $20 in coupons for signing up, along with exclusive offers. Like the Things Remembered Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

Sales Tax
Things Remembered collects sales tax where legally required, which means that if there is a Things Remembered location in your state, and your state charges sales tax, you will pay it online. They will add the appropriate sales tax to your order at check-out.

Things Remembered's Return Policy
For non-personalized purchases, Things Remembered allows a complete refund or exchange within 60 days of date of purchase. After 60 days, exchange only. If it's personalized, they guarantee their craftsmanship and accuracy. We assume that if there's an issue, they'll resolve it, though it's not explicitly stated as such.

Things Remembered Deals (no code required)

Save $5 on Orders $25 or More with Things Remembered Email Sign Up
$5 OFF
Get 10-25% off Orders $500-$3000 or More Business Class Items
$25 OFF
20% off Birthstone Jewelry
20% OFF
60% off Shadow Box Frames When Personalized
60% OFF
Extra 25% on Clearance Items
25% OFF
Receive up to 52% off Promoted Flowers & Gifts 12/31/2016
52% OFF
With Things Remembered's Rewards Club, You Earn $10 on Every $100 You Spend. Receive Exclusive Offers Too. No Expiration
Up to 76% off Clearance Gifts. No Expiration
76% OFF
Special Offers at Things Remembered. No Expiration